The female digital agency that consults on Influencers, Content and Events.


From conception to delivery, our team and network of media professionals are here to help you navigate the digital landscape, influencer marketing, content creation and event production.

We offer three tiers of scalable support suitable for start-ups to big brands on a project or retained basis.

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We can match you with the right influencers to create strategic content with the influential impact of their endorsement from our roster and the wider influencer network.

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We can tell your brand story and reach your target audience with specially designed content featuring influencers.

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Our events allow brands to connect and engage directly with their audiences through strategic integrated experiences.

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Diversity & Representation.

Make sure you don’t make a misstep in your campaigns when it comes to diversity and representation.

Access our wider network of professionals from a variety of communities through our consultancy services to make sure you don’t get dragged to hell and back.  We wish we didn’t need this, but it’s obvious we do.

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