We create content for brands and influencers that elevates brand messaging and enhances influencer profile’s, while engaging audiences.


We can tell your brand story through compelling content that features influencers allowing you to benefit from their considerable audience and engagement across social media.
Work with us to create content with young people and make a difference

This autumn we are launching our initiative that will put young people at the heart of content creation. We’ll provide training and work experience to young people in London and throughout the UK.

With a purposeful agenda we will blend content creation and influencers in a meaningful way to deliver your brand vision, allowing you to access your target audience in a meaningful way and meet your CSR objectives.

Work with the youth content team
S&Dtv: YouTube & Podcast Shows

Speak On:
A panel/talk show of bold women candidly tackling subjects with no f*cks given.
The show has an accompanying podcast that features the presenter and a rotation of influencer guests.

Featuring: Rafeeka, Lucy Jackson, Krissy Youth, Raychel Addo, Nicole Marie, Samantha Baines, Seyi Newell, plus, influencers, journalists, social justice warriors, charity advocates and more.

Coming soon –
shows hosted by:

  • Cici Coleman
  • Lucy Jackson
  • Raychel Addo
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Train Travel Eat: Online Magazine

Fitness, holidays, food and living well.
Written by journalists and influencers.

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