We produce events for the public, brands and influencers. We provide experiences that allow brands to connect and engage directly with their audiences through strategic integrated experiences. As well as workshops that aim to share knowledge about the digital marketing industry.


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29th September 2019
Festival of Confidence

Celebrate your awesomeness with other amazing women for a day filled with masterclasses, workshops, treatments, talks and panel discussions all themed around building and celebrating confidence, wellbeing and the empowerment of women.

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Influencer Marketing Workshops

Our Influencer Marketing Workshops, provide brands with the necessary tools and knowledge to incorporate talent-led campaigns into their business strategy.

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Influencer Breakfast Workshops in partnership with Skai Social and Own Brand

Our workshops for influencers have been created to help guide influencers through life in the public eye, working as a freelancer, building a personal brand and aim to professionalise the industry.

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