Influencers & Speakers.

Our roster of health, wellness and activist influencers are available for content creation for brand partnerships, modelling, presenting and speaking opportunities.


Singer + Author + Mother

Cici Coleman

Presenter, Podcaster, TV Personality & PT

Danny Price

Social Commentator, Presenter, Comedian, Entrepreneur, Anti-Racism Activist & Speaker

Talking Points: Anti-Racism | Politics | Topical News

Joanna Malek / Hashtag Life

Lifestyle, Travel & Wellbeing Writer & Speaker

Talking Points: Travel | Wellbeing

Kashira Whiteley

Life Coach, Sex Worker, Feminism Activist & Speaker

Talking Points: Sex Work | Intimacy | Self-Empowerment

Krissy Youth

Actor, Writer & Singer

Lucy Jackson

Actor, Blogger, Model, Mental Health Activist & Speaker

Talking Points: Mental Health | Feminism

King O'Holi

Choreographer, Dancer, Model & Creative Director


Model, Skin Care Enthusiast & Entrepreneur

Raychel Addo

Actor & Singer

Shakira Akabusi

Author, Mother, Nutritionist, PT, Athlete, Writer & Speaker

Talking Points: Parenting | Mental Health | Fitness | Postpartum Fitness | Wellbeing

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