Influencers, Talent & Speakers.

Our roster of talent creates content that entertains, educates, engages and promotes positive change. They are available for all aspects of talent marketing, including brand partnerships, modelling, presenting, speaking opportunities.

Ama Peters

Model, Photographer, Dancer, Entrepreneur

Bami Kuteyi

Dancer, Motivator, Wellness Activist

Talking Points: Dance | Twerking | Mental Health | Wellbeing

Ceecee Jacobsen

Activist, Queer, Trans, Model

Talking Points: LGBTQ+ | Mental Health | Wellbeing

Char Bailey

Coach, Presenter, Educator

Talking Points: Autism | LGBTQ+ | Mental Health | Wellbeing

Cici Coleman

Presenter, Podcaster, TV Personality & PT

Coco (TalkToCoco)

Writer, Parent, Mental Health & ADHD Campaigner

Talking Points: ADHD | LGBTQ+ | Mental Health | Wellbeing

Danny Price

Social Commentator, Presenter, Comedian, Entrepreneur, Anti-Racism Activist & Speaker

Talking Points: Anti-Racism | Politics | Topical News

Grace Gray

Hair & Makeup Artist, Model & Fire Eater

Talking Points: LGBTQ+ | Wellbeing | Beauty | Women's Lifestyle

Jackie Adedeji

Journalist & Broadcaster

Talking Points: Confidence | Body Positivity | Hun Culture | Celebrity Culture | Women's Lifestyle

Joanna Malek / Hashtag Life

Lifestyle, Travel & Wellbeing Writer & Speaker

Talking Points: Travel | Wellbeing

Katie Weir

Bra-Fitting & Lingerie Expert

Talking Points: Body Positivity | Confidence | Lingerie

Leila Hussein

Actor, Model

Nadia Dillon

Autism Educator & Campaigner, Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

Talking Points: Autism | Mental Health | Wellbeing


Model, Skin Care Enthusiast & Entrepreneur

Raychel Addo

Actor, Singer, Makeup Artist & Podcaster

Samantha Baines

Actor, Author, Comedian, Host of The Divorce Club Podcast, Presenter, Hearing Impaired

Talking Points: Hearing Loss | Divorce | Wellbeing | Women's Lifestyle | Confidence | Being an Author | Children's Literature

Shakira Akabusi

Author, Mother, Nutritionist, PT, Athlete & Speaker

Talking Points: Parenting | Mental Health | Fitness | Nutrition | Postpartum Fitness | Wellbeing | Health | Pregnancy

Sita Gill

Award Winning Hair & Make up Artist & Educator

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