Support our crowdfund and help at-risk youth

Speak&Do has so many exciting projects in the works and we’ve been looking for a way to make some meaningful change and work with young people, so we are launching our crowdfund to create a mentoring and training programme for young creators.

We are creating real world experiences to give young people, including at-risk youth a taster of the media world and encourage them to enrol in training programmes and educational courses.

Because encouraging young people to stay safe and access their greatness is much more than putting messages on boxes of fried chicken.

Be Part of the Journey

We are hard at work designing our content creation initiative, through which we will develop videos for YouTube and podcast shows featuring influencers. We have built up a strong network of influencers, journalists, and other professionals, and we will draw on that network for our content. We will fund and train young people, run courses with professional media teams, and organise supervised learning spaces, all directed at fostering talents that would otherwise go to waste.

This is where we need some help. We need to pay for this! Production teams, locations, transport, facilities for training, studios, equipment hire, etc.

To do all of this, we are aiming to raise £70K and if you guys can help us raise that, it’ll be a huge help. We are making moves in the background to raise additional capital to see if we can turn this one-off project into a long-term programme.

The world is so bleak right now and we want to do something fun and good, so please give what you can. There are even some awesome perks including biscuits, hoodies, stationary, a chance to be in some shows and of course our eternal gratitude and a warm fuzzy feeling when you look in the mirror at night.

If you can’t contribute at the moment financially, please contribute by sharing this campaign and shouting loud about it! Like, extremely loud, so others can hear and donate.