Don’t get dragged to hell and back on Twitter because you have unconcious bias

I can’t believe I even have to say this, but, don’t create your campaigns in a vacuum. If you need to reach people who aren’t represented by the decision makers or involved  in the planning of it. JUST STOP! 

You may enjoy having your arse handed to you in the press, but wouldn’t you rather save the time, money and the beating your reputation is going to take?

Don’t let your lack of knowledge, unconscious bias and  deeply engrained belief of stereotypes be the deciding factor in your campaigns. We get that some people live in a bubble, but at least acknowledge you live in a bubble and before you release a campaign on the world, two words, ASK SOMEBODY.

For this reason, we are launching our Diversity & Representation Campaign Review, a service to help you avoid missteps with campaigns that are reaching outside of what you “think” the baseline is. Our representation and diversity campaign review is carried out by a panel of media professionals who will give you honest feedback and analysis of your campaign. Whether is good to go, or you should throw it in the damn sea! 

We can’t magically diversify your workforce or decision makers or wave a magic wand to remove unconscious bias. But, we can review your campaigns and assist with ideation and strategy to ensure you’re not culturally appropriating, alienating sections of your audience or ignoring a key revenue generating demographics.

Here at Speak&Do, we have a diverse team and network of media professionals and consultants, who are representative of various communities and while we are not the ambassador for the demographics we represent, we can tell you why your campaign might be the worst thing you’ve ever done and why you should just set fire to it and start again.

We cringe every time a comapny gets dragged to hell and back on Twitter for being tone deaf when all they had to do was ask somebody… hell, ask anybody. 

Let us be that somebody and save yourself the embarrassment and potential loss of earnings.

To find out more email our team, we’re here to be your diverse saviours.